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Mac Laptop/Notebook Battery Maintenance

This tutorial will step you through the troubleshooting and maintenance of your laptop before. A few things to keep in mind:

Examine Your Battery

You should periodically check that your battery is in sound physical condition by first shutting down your Mac, then remove the battery. It should separate easily from the laptop. If the laptop battery appears bloated or cracked, or if it will not easily come out, call your support number to discuss your options with the support technician.

Watch for the low-battery warning

Under normal circumstances, your Mac will display a warning when your battery is about to run out of juice. This generally happens when there is approximately 5% remaining. Remember, though, that if the laptop battery is misbehaving, your Mac may be shutting down abruptly before this warning comes up.

Charge the battery back up to 100%

Now that the battery is supposedly completely discharged, you can complete the battery reset procedure by plugging the Mac back to AC current.

Allow your Mac to charge up completely (100%). If it did shut down, you may now restart it. You can do normal work on your Mac now.Monitor the battery level indicated on the menubar. Verify that it goes all the way to 100% charge.

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